On the Radical Health Rebel podcast, this week’s episode, titled “Reversing PCOS, Acne & Fertility”, I had the pleasure of speaking with Karlie Henderson, a Certified Nutritionist and the founder of Karisma Nutrition. Karlie is renowned for her expertise in helping women with PCOS achieve pregnancy, lose weight, and alleviate their symptoms naturally and without the overwhelm.

In our conversation, I was eager to dive into Karlie’s personal journey with PCOS, acne, and infertility. We explored how she successfully managed to reverse these conditions for herself and the strategies she uses to help other women achieve similar results.

Tune in to hear Karlie’s inspiring story and gain valuable insights into overcoming PCOS, acne & infertility and their related challenges.

We discussed:

  • Karlie’s PCOS, acne and fertility journey
  • PCOS and acne
  • Biggest challenges with acne
  • One-size-fits-all approach to PCOS and acne
  • Skin care and makeup brand recommendations
  • Four Step Fertility Formula
  • Karlie’s Top 3 Tips

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