I have another couple of short videos for you from Paul Weston who is confirming the figures I was sharing 3-4 years ago that prove there was no pandemic in 2020.

I completely understand that for many, that sounds ridiculous and impossible to believe. Of course there was a pandemic, it was everywhere, all over the television and news channels, the hospitals were overrun and we needed a life saving injection so we could obtain freedom again.

The authorities wouldn’t have shut down all the businesses and paid out billions in furlough if there wasn’t the deadliest disease known to man as was advertised right?

And they couldn’t have fooled all the highly qualified medical staff right?

Well, check out these two short videos from Paul Weston and see if the official death figures suggest the greatest threat to humanity or a very normal year in 2020…

In the second of two videos (below), Weston explains why there was a spike in deaths in the Spring of 2020, which were used to fool people into believing there was a pandemic …

All in all, it is clear from the official data, most of us were fooled into believing there was a pandemic when there wasn’t. The big question is, why did this all happen?

You might also ask many other questions that are related to this Scandemic around the Climate Emergency, military conflicts, the Transgender explosion, the attack on farming and our food supply, and the attack on freedom of movement.

I do not expect anyone to believe what Paul Weston says in his videos nor do I expect you to believe in my views. What I do suggest, is you do your own research and come up with your own conclusions.

I would suggest that if the majority of people are unaware of the facts, then I think humanity is in severe danger of it’s own demise.

I believe it is important that as many people as possible know the facts, so we can all stand together and stand up to these tyrants who are hell-bent on the destruction of humanity. It is a numbers game, and we need as many in our team as possible. To get people on ‘team humanity’ requires people to understand what is really happening first.