It is always very rewarding to receive positive feedback from clients.

Last year I was approached by a client and his wife who were having fertility issues. After two failed IVF treatments, my client’s wife was understandably getting very upset. I worked with her for a few months helping to teach her how to eat right, de-stress and balance her hormones. In my experience, if you give the body (and mind) all it needs to be healthy, all the normal bodily functions return to normal, including being able to get pregnant.

Anyhow, it was really pleasing for us to receive this email from her yesterday:

“Thanks for your very kind e-mail. I am doing very well thank you. My pregnancy is progressing very well  – I only have 7 weeks left to go! We are so excited!!!
I am feeling great and have not had any of the nasty pregnancy niggles you hear/read about. I put it all down to my clean diet and the yoga routine that Leigh suggested.

Both my husband and I are forever grateful to Leigh for helping us. We are both avid supporters of him and his methods.

If you have any potential clients who are trying to decide between IVF and the Bodychek route, I would be more than willing to speak to them and give them my view on both. I hope that the lady who e-mailed me a few months ago chose the Bodychek way and has succeeded in her goal.

Thanks again for the e-mail. Say Hi to Leigh for us.

We’ll stay in touch.

Kind regards…”

I’m not too sure that anyone can have a more rewarding job. I am so fortunate to do what I do.