The majority of foods that can be purchased in our supermarkets these days are what many experts would consider non-foods.

Bigstockphoto_entree_20314Non-foods are foods that require more nutrients to digest and assimilate than the food provides. Almost all processed foods can be considered non-foods. Is it any wonder that so many people today are always tired and low of energy when their bodies are being depleted of energy by the foods they’re eating when they should be providing energy.

It is quite interesting that so much non-foods have been accepted as the norm and in some instances classed as ‘healthy’ by so called experts. Paul Chek, founder of the C.H.E.K Institute suggests that you should only eat foods that were around 10,000 years ago and only put things in your mouth that you can pronounce.

Foods that were around 10,000 years ago include meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. It takes 10,000 to change the human genome by 0.01%. Therefore our bodies can not have adapted to all the new processed foods around today.

If a food states it is low fat, diet, lite or anything similar, stay well away. It will not be fresh whole foods. Is it coincidence that all the degenerative chronic diseases that are prevalent today began around the time we began to consume processed foods? People often tell me they eat a healthy diet, but when they tell me what they eat, it clearly isn’t. Quite often this is due to the brain-washing we receive from the media as to what is healthy. Most of it is non-sense fuelled by financial gain at the expense of health.

Interestingly, I recently visited an elite sports training centre and saw a top athlete eating Corn Flakes and Milk for breakfast. I almost fell over with the shock. Also, the athlete is currently injured. I can only guess the advice he is receiving is sub-standard at best. 10,000 years ago no Brits would have had access to corn and processed sugar or would have been consuming dairy (apart from breast-feeding babies).

Keep your food intake simple, whole and keep it fresh!