Here are your third and fourth action to follow:


  1. Drink at least 0.033 litres of good quality water per kilogram of body weight
  2. Good quality water includes Evian, Vittel and reverse osmosis filtered water. If buying bottled water, glass bottles are better than plastic. If using reverse osmosis filtered water, add a pinch of organic sea salt per litre of water.
  3. Eliminate fizzy drinks, diet drinks, fruit juices, alcohol and pasteurised dairy
  4. Don’t drink tea or coffee after 12pm midday


  1. Only eat organic meats and vegetables and wild fish.
  2. Eat according to your Metabolic Type®
  3. Obtain an MRT® Test. This is the most advanced and accurate form of food sensitivity testing. This will help you to avoid foods that could be causing your excess weight
  4. Use only natural supplements in accordance with your metabolic type®

Stay tuned for steps five and six next time.