Fed Up of Being in Pain, Previous Treatments Not Working and Unable to Play Sport Because of the Pain?

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  • Are you fed up of suffering from back, knee or shoulder pain?
  • Frustrated of wasting money on treatments that just don’t work?
  • Scared that you’ll ‘just have to live with it’ for the rest of your life?
  • Frustrated that you’re pain is affecting your work or sports performance?
  • Would you like the clarity of knowing the cause of your pain and how to overcome it once and for all or your money back?

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Here are 5 reasons why you should claim your consultation now:

  1. Find out what’s causing your pain
  2. Discover why previous treatments haven’t worked
  3. Be shown what you need to do to eradicate the pain
  4. Learn the most affective exercises to improve your posture and alleviate the pain quickly
  5. Discover solutions to keep you out of pain for the rest of your life.

Hi I’m Leigh Brandon, founder of BodyCHEK, and I specialise in helping executives, business owners and professional athletes get out of pain and back in control of their life.

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“I had unmanageable back pain. I couldn’t concentrate at work and I definitely couldn’t train at the gym. Within a month my back pain had almost gone and now two months later it’s totally disappeared.”

Simon Kallu, Managing Partner, SRK Accounting



“I was suffering from lower back and knee pain. My body has become much stronger especially my core area! It has helped me build consistency in my golf swing.”

Barry Smith, Scratch Golfer