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Parasite Cleanse Day 21

Unfortunately, due to technical problems, I have been unable to blog for a few weeks. Thankfully, I’m back on-line. On Day 21 of the parasite cleanse, the tiredness and flu-like symptoms that I had been experiencing started to subside and energy levels were beginning to rise again. The taste of Formula B, whilst still pretty […]

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Parasite Cleanse Day 14

As promised, I just want to keep you updated on my progress with the parasite cleanse. Yesterday was day 14 and I have now started on Formula B and it tastes a lot worse than Formula A. Last week was interesting in that I began to feel a few symptoms, such as tiredness and general […]

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Parasite Cleanse Day 7

OK, it has been 7 days since I began the parasite cleanse and I just wanted to update you on my week’s experience. I certainly feel an uplift in energy despite working some very long days and travelling up and down the country. Without going into too much detail, my bowel movements have increased in […]

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Parasite Cleanse

We can’t escape the fact that of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies, only 10 trillion of them are human cells. This means that 90% of the cells in our bodies are not human. So what are they? Our bodies have a number of viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Some of these organisms have […]

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A Good FAR Infrared Protocol for Increased Energy and Fat Loss

In this blog, I will answer a question from ben, who asks, “what is a good FAR Infared Protocol”? Infrared (IR) saunas help to detoxify heavy metals and other toxic substances gently through the action of sweating caused by heat of the IR lamps. As fat cells are used as storage sites for toxins, detoxifying […]

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