You may know that I suffered with severe cystic acne on and off for 18-years.

I remember the debilitating effects of acne only too vividly and would really like to help others achieve the same kind of success I did and to learn from my 18 years of mistakes and wasted time and money.

The way I decided to help was to write the book, Eliminating Adult Acne For Good, and I also wanted to offer a solution to people who couldn’t afford to work with me privately or on my Group Coaching Programme.

Researching and writing this book has been a labour of love over the last 12-months, which I have put my heart and soul into.

This book might possibly be the most comprehensive approach to eliminating acne anyone will find outside of hiring a very well-qualified and skilled professional who, like me, has walked that journey and is now helping others to do the same.

Part II of the book entitled Your Roadmap to Clear Skin, outlines a natural, holistic, step-by-step approach to achieving amazing skin.

Clients who I’ve helped overcome acne, using the same steps as in the book, reported:

…not only overcoming their acne but also:

Reduced body fat, more energy, a calmer tummy, better bowel movements, better sleep, better concentration, more confidence, an improved social life, the reduced need to wear make-up, feeling less anxious, less stressed, and better about themselves and feeling happier overall!!!

So, if you know anyone that has been suffering for a long time with acne and especially those who feel they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, or you’d like to see any of the benefits the advice in this book can bring (listed above), why not pre-order your copy today, by hitting the image below?