Real Results WITH BodyChek In Euston

Josh Stokes, Tennis Player

I originally decided to see Leigh to help me overcome back pain that was preventing me from playing tennis. Prior to seeing Leigh, I had physiotherapy which was covered by medical insurance and after one year of treatment, the condition hadn’t improved.

Leigh’s knowledge is not only exceptionally detailed but also covers an amazingly wide range of areas. He never guesses about your health issues and is always first to research and ask for advice from other professionals.
This enables him to give you the very best programme he can. Leigh has written 2 exercise programmes for me, the first relieved all my lower back pain and during the second my physical attributes increased greatly.

I would recommend Leigh to anyone, but the results I achieved were as much as a result of my hard work and attitude as it was down to the quality of the advice and support I received throughout my treatment, and therefore anyone thinking of using Leigh must have the inner desire to embrace change in their own life to achieve the large results Leigh enables you to make.


Emilia Christodoulides, Help Desk Manager

“In January 2005 following a repeated history of shoulder and neck pain for a couple of years I was diagnosed with spinal stenoses C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7. I was extremely tender over the neck and trapezius muscles bilaterally and I suffered from severe neck pain continuously.

I approached Leigh Brandon a couple of years ago who advised me that a thorough evaluation was necessary to determine the causes. An exercise program was specifically tailored following a thorough physical assessment to improve my stability and strength. In addition to this, Leigh recommended a NUCCA chiropractor to align my atlas and a combination of all the coaching and recommended therapies had incredible results.

I am much stronger and more flexible than I have ever been and no longer suffer from repeated neck pain.

In addition to this I suffered from continuous exhaustion, intestinal gas and bloating although I felt I was following a relatively healthy diet.

A Health Appraisal questionnaire helped to access where I was experiencing problems with my internal organs and that my health was fast approaching a downward spiral. Leigh then suggested that we look at what could possibly be the cause of the continuous exhaustion and headaches by doing a metabolic assessment.  Fungal infections like Candida exhausted my bodies capacity for adaptation, wearing down my immune system, and thus inhibiting the efficient functioning of my metabolism.

By eating the right foods for my metabolic type, I now get the proper protein and fat to carbohydrate ratio at each meal as my diet was very high in sugar and carbohydrate before.  By following the diet that Leigh had tailored to my specific needs my energy production was maximised. By fine-tuning my diet to my unique requirements I no longer suffer from the gripping stomach pains that dominated my life for a very long time.

Thanks to Leigh I have maximised my energy and well-being and am living life to its maximum potential.”


Michelle Dige, 50m Butterfly British & European Masters Champion and Record Holder.

“I first met Leigh at a Paul Chek seminar on Scientific Back Conditioning in Brighton back in April 2005.  At this point I wasn’t looking for a coach or trainer as I planned on training myself with the knowledge I had acquired and was acquiring.

I am a competitive Masters Swimmer and Triathlete although sprint swimming is my forte.

As a swimmer I’ve been plagued with shoulder problems for most of my career.  I had torn my Supraspinatus muscle during a weight training session (heavy weights and bad technique) a few years back and since then the problems have just got worse.

I started noticing that the strength in my left arm during drills in the pool was significantly weaker than my right and no matter what training I did I couldn’t rectify this.  I decided to see an Orthopaedic Consultant in South Africa who specialises in Sports Shoulders.  He recommended surgery and this I went along with.  I had an arthroscopic Subacromial decompression and the Coracoid cleaned up.  He also found that the Supraspinatus had healed but with a lot of scar tissue and there was nothing to be done there.  I was sent to a Physio at who gave me rehab work to get on with.  After six weeks I decided to start on the stretches and exercises in the CHEK Golf Biomechanic book.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  This is when I decided I needed to know more about the Chek approach.

At the seminar in Brighton, Leigh was helping out showing people how to do the various exercises correctly. At one stage I asked him a question and the way he answered struck a cord with me and I thought this is the guy that can get me to where I want to go.  I made an appointment with Leigh to meet up with him at his London Clinic the following week.  He asked me what my goals were and I told him that I would like to win the European Masters Championships in Stockholm which were 3 months away.  And long-term goal was to win the world championships in San Francisco in 2006 possibly with a world record attached.  Deep down I thought that these were tall orders but Leigh seemed confident which gave me confidence.  We went through all the NLC questionnaires and he metabolic typed me although I did know this from testing myself.  He did however go into greater depth and I left his clinic knowing exactly what I should be eating.  It has taken a while to adhere to these changes but I’m getting there.

Leigh also did an extensive assessment on me, which lasted 4 hours.  His findings were very interesting.  I remember looking at the program he gave me and thinking that this was so different to what I had been doing in the past.  I stuck to his program religiously and 4 weeks later I was back for a reassessment and a new program.  All my scores had improved so I was moving in the right direction.  I saw Leigh one more time after this and still my scores were improving. One big change was in my posture. Stockholm was a huge success for me.  I won gold and got the British record as well. At this stage we had done no Strength or Power work and I’m feeling excited and upbeat as to what I can achieve when we do move into these areas. I have seen Leigh twice since the championships and we have set out the course my training is to take up until August 2006.

To date I have more energy, a positive attitude to everything in my life and more strength in my training and most important of all, I have been injury free.  I look forward to our future sessions together.  Everything I have learnt from Leigh I have been able to implement in my own programs to my clients and I can see the difference in them.”


Ian Cooper, Semi-pro footballer

“I first saw Leigh in August 2009 for what I considered a last ditch attempt to recover from a recurring groin injury. I first had problems in October 2006 and prior to seeing Leigh had seen five different physios, two highly regarded sports physicians and a sports surgeon (who operated in Jan 2007). All these so called professionals were very narrow in their approach to finding a solution to a problem that was clearly more complex than they could deal with. After spending £000’s on medical insurance the only solutions I was continually getting were very generic stretching and core stability exercises or cortisone injections and surgery- none of which were having desired results.

Leigh had a completely different approach to what I had experienced before and he (combined with NUCCA Chiropractor treatment) has been the only person who has been able to get me back playing football for a sustained period. He did not treat the groin injury in isolation, he treated me as a whole. This included a tailored and very specific gym based rehabilitation programme of stretches and exercise that were treating imbalances in my body. What the treatment also included was changing my nutrition, hydration, breathing and sleeping. These changes have had an immense impact on improving my lifestyle and work life aside from the fact I’m back playing football fitter and stronger than ever! I have significantly more energy, am much more alert, have a much more positive frame of mind and am much healthier and happier.

Leighs treatment programme has significantly changed my life, I had thought I was healthy and doing the “right” things but was way off the mark. I look back on having such a severe groin injury as a blessing in disguise as otherwise I would not have seen Leigh (as a last resort) and would not have learnt all I have from him and made such positive permanent life changes. “


Amina Akram, Mother & Marathon Runner

“I worked as a personal trainer at Holmes Place and had asked Leigh for advice whilst training for the London Marathon. I was suffering from shin splints and tightness in the IT Band, which led to knee pain and lower back pain. I managed to run the marathon but after felt I needed to reduce the running. I then stopped as the injuries kept recurring. This was upsetting because I really enjoyed running. I was stretching and seeing an osteopath but felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere. I spoke to Leigh and he said he would be able to help. I had signed up for a half marathon and was hoping to be injury free.

Leigh gave me a questionnaire to fill in which gave him some insight into my lifestyle, which was quite hectic. He then invited me to spend 3 hours with him to test, measure and go through some exercises. He was very thorough and patient.

He came back to me the following week with a day by day programme for the next 4 weeks. At first I found it hard to fit in, especially the stretches before the running but as I got to know the programme it became easier. I definitely felt the difference when running. Stretching pre run and core strength exercises, helped with the lower back pain.

After the four weeks we met again and went through another series of measuring and testing. The new programme was a little bit tougher and again it took a week or so to master it.

I was feeling stronger and I was able to increase volume and intensity with the runs. When I ran the half marathon I felt the most comfortable I had ever felt, upright strong and able to increase speed, without injury. The race itself was pretty flat, and the conditions went from bright sunshine to hailstones to blustery showers, but throughout I enjoyed it especially being injury free. I also took ten minutes off my personal best. So although being a Trainer and constantly reading and looking for the answers Leigh’s way worked and I still find those programmes useful especially when leading up to a race.”


Kathryn King, Mother and House Wife.

“I have always been pretty fit and engaged in physical activity so when at the beginning of February 2004 I suffered a fairly debilitating back injury it was quite a shock. I had been running regularly and began to suffer hip pain in my right hip, which then suddenly changed to a severe lower back pain on the right hand side. I was barely able to get out of bed or walk without being in excruciating pain. I visited my GP who prescribed me anti-inflammatories, pain-killers and muscle relaxants and also referred me to an orthopaedic consultant. I couldn’t really leave the house for 10 days and after that could not get through the day without large doses of all the prescribed pills.

The orthopaedic surgeon diagnosed me with a prolapsed disc between L3 and L4 and advised giving it two more weeks before re-assessing and if there was no change he would consider either anaesthetic injections or spinal surgery. I was horrified, people added to my doom and gloom feelings by gleefully telling me I would have constant back problems now forever. I was very miserable and my whole life was being adversely affected I could hardly drive, a day at work was agony and any movements in bed were very painful.

I began to see an osteopath who advised me to treat the area with hot and cold compresses, which helped to relieve the discomfort and over the next few weeks he began slowly to work on the area. This treatment did help, but I was still very concerned about how this injury had occurred ‘from no where’ would it happen again and more importantly how could I prevent it from happening again?

I considered contacting a personal trainer but felt that I needed someone who had an exceptionally good knowledge and experience of back injuries as my own fitness knowledge was already quite good.

Leigh as a qualified, experienced personal trainer as well as holding the very demanding CHEK level 3 qualification was ideal. I visited him and he carried out a very detailed examination involving postural assessments, muscle strength testing and movement patterns. From this he was able to identify any problems and prescribe a very specific exercise programme to correct my problems, reduce the level of pain I had and prevent the injury reoccurring.

Leigh provided me with a detailed exercise programme, he took me through every exercise as well as providing me with pictures of each exercise to remind me of them. Within 5 weeks of following the initial programme, the pain had reduced hugely in my back and I had stopped taking any pain killers. I then visited Leigh again who reassessed me and wrote me a new more demanding exercise programme. I had made many improvements in core muscle strength and in the way I was standing over the first 5 weeks and continue to improve. Leigh provided me with a detailed exercise programme, he took me through every exercise as well as providing me with pictures of each exercise to remind me of them. Within 5 weeks of following the initial programme, the pain had reduced hugely in my back and I had stopped taking any pain killers

Leigh is an extremely professional and yet approachable and friendly Practitioner. He is highly skilled and focussed on your specific problem. I found it very helpful that he is also available to discuss any problems you are having and discuss your progress as you work through the programme.”


Billy Stanley, Rugby Player

“As a semi-professional rugby player, I have suffered from recurring injuries for the last 3 years.

I have been suffering from a sharp pain, swelling and tightness in the top of my right leg. It was especially bad when drop-kicking and punting. I had tried sports massage and stretching which had brought about some short-term relief. However, when playing rugby, the pain always returned.

I also suffered from sharp pain in both groins, which restricted my movements. The pain was worsened by kicking and changing direction at speed. As a fly-half, kicking and changing direction is an essential part of my game. Therefore, this pain was affecting my performance levels. Acupuncture and sports massage had some benefit, but still felt tight afterwards.

I also suffered from pain and pins and needles from both shoulders down to the hands and fingers. This pain worsened when driving my car.

All the above injuries meant that I could only play three matches in a row before I had to take 3-4 weeks out to recover. This was very frustrating.

I decided to see Leigh to help condition me during the off-season so I would be ready for this season. I wasn’t very confident that anyone could get rid of these injuries.

Leigh gave me two separate stretching and strengthening programs to follow during the off-season.

It is now over half-way through the season and I am yet to get injured. In fact, I’m kicking better and further than ever. I’m running quicker, cutting off one foot better and bursting through tackles.

I’ve never felt so sharp, quick and strong.”


Brian Cahill, Banker

“My original goal was to improve overall fitness and posture, whilst looking for a change in direction in training from the same dull weights plans I have done for years. And to get my core stability up to a standard where I can run a marathon without breaking down!

Leigh came highly recommended by a friend who had achieved great results. The best thing about working with Leigh was how it changed my outlook on the way I train and approach my general well being. Before, I used to just lift as much weight as I could as often as I could. My focus changed to increasing core strength and flexibility.  I noticed the benefits in no time and felt great from training with Leigh. Even though I always considered myself to have a healthy diet, he also made me re-think the type of food that was good for my body.

I became very disciplined in my training as I could see the results so stuck closely to the program. My diet changed also but I felt I could still eat most of the foods I liked, I just became a bit more conscious of what I ate. My tone and posture improved and generally just felt great in myself. I now get continuous comments from friends and family about how healthy I look!

I would highly recommend Leigh to anyone who wants to change the way they look at training – for me it was a breath of fresh air from the boring training I had done for years. A completely fresh challenge where the results are not only visible but also in how I felt in my day to day self.”


Nikki Anderson, Therapist

“I signed up for Leigh’s programme because of problems with my weight, particularly stubborn belly fat that just wouldn’t shift. Thanks to Leigh, I found out that the causes were a bacterial infection of the gut, intolerances to gluten and lactose and adrenal fatigue.

Apart from the weight issue, I’d always had problems with my energy levels, and it was a huge relief to find out it wasn’t all just ‘in my head’. If you’ve got these sorts of problems, forget doctors, they haven’t got a clue – go to Leigh Brandon.

I also took the Metabolic Typing test and lost 11 pounds in just over a month on the diet, and by cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar. I’m totally happy with my new diet and lifestyle now – I eat better, I’ve kept the weight off and I’ve also taken up yoga, walking, golf and meditation. Really pleased I signed up for the programme – it changed my life for the better!”


Amanda Bond, Company Accountant

“Leigh is the answer to all your problems”

Leigh was recommend to me by my good friend and boss.

I had suffered with daily debilitating IBS-D for 19 years.  Walking to and from work took somewhere in the region of 1.5-2 hours (should be 45 minutes) as I was having to stop at various toilets along the way.  I  had seen many doctors and specialists over the years but the only solution I was ever given was to quit work or take Imodium every day.  Obviously quitting work wasn’t the answer so I ended up taking approximately 5 Imodium every day.   Then I met Leigh.  Boy did he make an immediate impact on me.  After a thorough review of my medical history he was confident he could help me.  Nobody had said that to me in 19 years.  After various straightforward tests and the MT Typing I was diagnosed as having severe food intolerances and allergies.   I ate according to my metabolic type and cut out all the foods I was sensitive to.  And within 3 months I was feeling brand new.  My skin cleared up, I lost weight and had much more energy.  I CAN NOT RECOMMEND LEIGH HIGHLY ENOUGH.  If you have IBS and really want to get better and are willing to change your diet go and see LEIGH.


Connor, Tennis Player

I was recommended to Leigh as a fitness specialist by my tennis coach as I was in need of improving my leg strength and stability to take my game to the next level, but it was painful for me to put any weight on my left knee so was in need of help.

I also had a painful left shoulder, which as giving me constant discomfort while I practiced serves and my back was also a problem.

Through a detailed procedure Leigh found out the most effective way to build strength and muscle for my specific genetics. I left that day with an action plan which I stuck to for the designated 7 weeks; changing slightly each week incorporating different stretches and exercises.

I still to this day use the exercises to help maintain a strong core which has really been the cause in my success over the last couple of months. All of my injuries have now vanished and its safe to say I wouldn’t be were I am today if it wasn’t for working with Leigh. I really hope to see Leigh in the near future so we can make more progress together.”