Overcome Your Shoulder Pain

Where you’re at…

You have ongoing pain in your shoulder, and laying in bed, or performing specific movements with your arm or doing specific tasks make the pain worse. It’s possible that when you move onto your shoulder at night it keeps waking you up.

You are unable do some of the most simple things without pain like reaching overhead to grab things or lifting objects overhead or as simple as putting a coat on or putting a bag over your shoulder and you’re not able to play sports or be as active as you’d like to be.

You’ve probably tried applying ice, or taking pain killers and using gels, but they haven’t really helped. You may have already sought professional help, but that hasn’t helped either and you don’t know where to turn.

The problems you have right now…

You can’t quite put your finger exactly what caused the injury, but you may think it has something to do with your exercise routine or the sport you play. You feel frustrated that some very simple things in life you either can’t do, take much longer than usual or you’re having to use the other arm to avoid the pain.

You feel frustrated and depressed and don’t feel like you can be as active and productive as you’d like to be.

What you need help with right now…

What would help you right now, is to understand the root cause of your shoulder pain, rather than continuing to try to mask the symptoms with ice, pain killers and gels to get you through the day.

You need help understanding how factors such posture, core function, ergonomics, muscular strength, nutrition, gut health, stress, hormonal status, rest and sleep could have played a role in causing your injury in the first place and how these factors will be crucial in the proper healing process of the injured tissues.

You need someone who can advise, motivate and support you every step of the way, someone who understands what is required to create the conditions for healing and who has walked that path himself and taught many others to do the same.

How can the BodyCHEK ‘Overcome Your Shoulder Pain’ package help you?

I will help you understand the root causes of your shoulder pain and teach you how to approach the condition holistically via expert advice on posture correction, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

The ‘Overcome Your Shoulder Pain’ package will start by assessing your posture and biomechanics, then by setting out a corrective exercise programme to improve posture and core stability, whilst ensuring you also take care of other essential factors, such as hydration, nutrition and sleep and rest.

We will go on a journey, step by step empowering you to take charge of your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan, plus the option of some hands-on manual therapy if needed. The regularity in which you see me will depend on the complexity of your case, how long you’ve been injured, your exercise training history, and how much improvement you need to make around nutrition and lifestyle factors, plus your locality and how feasible online sessions might be.

Once you begin to learn how to move your body correctly, and start to improve posture and core stability, along with the appropriate lifestyle changes, you will begin to see changes in how well your arm can move and a reduction in your pain. Active Release Techniques®, a very effective form of hands-on treatment I offer is particularly effective with shoulder injuries and can be included in the package or as an added extra.

You will progress through 3 stages starting with a Corrective Exercise Phase, then when ready, to a Transition Phase, and then finally a Specificity Phase. The phases are carefully managed to ensure the exercise programme doesn’t progress too quickly and cause a re-injury to the injured tissues.

This staged approach ensures a strong conditioning base is developed before adding strength and then specific strength (and possibly power if required) to ensure you are conditioned well enough to do whatever you wish to do, whilst being strong and robust enough to not become re-injured.

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