Overcome Your Chronic Fatigue

Where you’re at…

You wake up everyday feeling like you’ve had about 5-minutes sleep and just want to crawl back under the duvet.

You don’t have the energy to do the things you want to do in life, like exercise more, play sport or put more effort into your work and be more productive.

You wonder how those around you have the energy to do the things they do and you wish you could be like them.

The problems you have right now…

You can’t quite put your finger on why you are so tired and whatever your doctor has suggested hasn’t worked. You feel frustrated that you’re just not able to take part fully in life.

You feel frustrated and depressed and don’t feel like you can take part in all the activities you enjoy. You sometimes have to cancel attending events because you just don’t have the energy.

What you need help with right now…

What would help you right now, is to understand what the root cause of your ongoing fatigue is, rather than continuing to try to mask the symptoms with coffee and other stimulants to get you through the day.

You need help understanding how factors such as nutrition, exercise, stress, hormonal status, and toxicology affect your energy reserves and how to optimise these factors.

You need someone who can advise, motivate and support you every step of the way, someone who has walked that path himself and taught many others before to do the same.

How can the BodyCHEK ‘Overcome Chronic Fatigue’ package help you?

I will help you understand the root causes of your fatigue and teach you how to approach the condition holistically via expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle factors.

The ‘Overcome Chronic Fatigue’ package will start by ensuring you are on the right diet for you based on your genetics (Metabolic Type®), which will improve energy production at the cellular level and improve your blood sugar balance, which when uncontrolled can be fatiguing.

We will go on a journey, step by step learning all the necessary lifestyle changes required to achieve amazing energy levels every day. Each weekly 30-minute coaching session will include advice, support and guidance, specifically tailored to your needs and at a speed that is right for you.

Once you are eating right for your Metabolic Type®, you will begin to see changes in your daily energy levels and we will also uncover all the necessary ‘Blocking Factors’ that you may have and you’ll be taught how to reduce, replace or eliminate all the factors that are causing your fatigue.

Ultimately, this program will enable you to have optimal energy levels so you can live life to the full and never feel like you are missing out or not able to give 100% ever again!

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