In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast, I spoke with Jill Ayn Schneider, who in 1975 decided to refuse medical treatment and that she would heal her cervical cancer herself.

It was a very enjoyable and enlightening interview…

We discussed:

Jill’s background & cancer story

What was going on in Jill’s life pre cancer diagnosis?

Beginning the process of healing

Six month journey of healing in South America

What caused Jill’s cancer?

Time to eat some animal protein after 53 years.

What healed Jill’s cancer?

Will Jill’s cancer come back?

What should people do who just been diagnosed with cancer?

You can find Jill @:

Jill is happy to offer a complimentary consultation to anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis.

You can find Leigh @:

The Radical Health Rebel Podcast can be found on all major podcast platforms including SpotifyAppleYouTube and Patreon. Below is a clip from this week’s episode…