AAA ebook cover paperbackstackI recently blogged to let you know that I would soon be releasing my latest e-book, “Axe Adult Acne”.

Well, I am now very pleased to say, that the e-book is ready and can be purchased from

As someone who suffered badly from this problem and someone who managed to find solutions to it, I am very keen to help others who have tried everything to achieve clear skin, but have failed.

If you know anyone who would like to axe their adult acne, then please pass on the link to the website. They will be eternally grateful that you did.

Here’s what Paul Chek, the founder of The CHEK Institute and the PPS Success Mastery Program had to say about the e-book:

“In Axe Adult Acne, Leigh Brandon does an excellent job of explaining what causes acne and how to use simple, natural approaches to healing this often emotionally debilitating condition.

The book is very important for both adults, parents and it can be read and understood by teens with acne problems as well.

If you want to get rid of your zits, or your kids zits forever, this book will not only show you how to do it easily and naturally, it may be the book that guides you to healing many other problems you didn’t know were coming from the same sources as your skin eruptions!”

In addition to receiving the e-book, the following free bonus’s are also included:

  • Lifestyle Change Success Steps ipodhorizontalThe “Axe Adult Acne” Audio Book
  • “Lifestyle Change Success Steps” Workbook, with Audio & Video Guides
  • “Food Quality and It’s Affects on Acne” Report in pdf, audio & video formats
  • “Hydration & It’s Affects on Acne” Report in pdf, audio & video formats
  • “Metal Fillings, Root Canals and Their Affects on Acne” Report in pdf, audio & video formats
  • “Skin Care Products, Toiletries and Toxins” Report in pdf, audio & video formats
  • Lifetime Membership to the Axe Adult Acne Website

The bonus materials make it as easy for you to as possible to follow the program. It even includes helping to plan the necessary lifestyle changes in order for you to be successful. All the material is in report, audio and video formats. So which ever is your preferred learning style or which ever format fits best into your busy schedule, you are catered for.

If you or someone you know purchases the book, please let me know the results of following the program!