In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast, I had the great pleasure to speak with Daina Rasutis. Daina shares her journey from being a civil engineer to becoming a nutrition therapist, driven by her own health issues. She discusses the connection between food and health, particularly in relation to skin conditions.

Daina emphasizes the importance of gut health in overall well-being and shares her personal experience in healing her own acne through holistic approaches. She expresses frustration with conventional medicine and the conflicting information she encountered.

Daina concludes by highlighting the positive changes in her life and her focus on helping others with their skin issues.

It was really great for me to have a dialogue with someone who is as passionate as I am to help people overcome acne, so they can regain their self-esteem and confidence and help avoid a life-threatening disease in the not too distant future.

We discussed:

  • Daina’s background and journey into nutrition and acne
  • Topicals, antibiotics and birth control pills as an acne treatment. Good or bad?
  • The biggest mistakes people make when trying to heal acne.
  • Functional lab testing to find the root cause of acne.
  • The key causes of acne
  • Foods that cause acne

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