CHEK Conference 2014Wow, this has been yet again another busy month so far.

If you read my last blog, you will know that this month began for me teaching CHEK Practitioner Level 1 in Lancashire with Matthew Wallden. On the course, one of our students, Ricardo turned 50 years young. I don’t think Hanan will forget Ricardo’s single arm cable push in a hurry!!!

After the course I was back to London and back in the swing of seeing clients and editing the photos from the tennis photo shoot in July.

Last weekend I attended and presented at the third CHEK Conference. This conference was held at Surrey Sports Park in Guilford, Surrey. Having attended the first two in London and San Diego, this one didn’t fail to disappoint. Of the three CHEK Conferences so far, this had by far the most friendliest atmosphere. It was amazing!

I got to deliver two presentations, “The Health/Fitness Professionals Greatest Challenge” and “The Grand Slam of Tennis Conditioning”. The first presentation I showed the attendees a coaching model I have been using for some time to empower their clients to make the necessary lifestyle changes to be successful in their health and performance pursuits. The second presentation I had to spice up for the CHEK audience and showed them the demands on the body whilst playing tennis, the biomechanics of tennis strokes and introduced them to the upcoming “Tennis Biomechanics Manual” and “CHEK Tennis Conditioning Series Level 1” course.

I also managed to see all of Paul Chek’s lectures, both of Matthew (The Professor) Wallden’s presentations and Warren William’s presentation on working with elite athletes. I didn’t get to see my buddies Greg Muller and Duncan Reeve speak as they were on the same time as me. I also really wanted to see Kieran MacPhail and Jennie Delbridge, but they were on the same time as other lectures I went to 🙁

The conference also had a CHEK Professional of the Year award and all three presentations were fantastic. Well done to Karen Maidment, Duncan Edwards and Amaali Shaw. All your presentations were great and you all deserved to win!!! Very inspiring.

This week I have been seeing clients and yesterday I attended a CHEK Faculty & Mentors meeting with Paul Chek at the location for the upcoming CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level 3 course in Oxford. It’s a beautiful venue in the middle of nowhere. We had a very productive meeting, then I met Penny Crozier (CEO of CHEK Institute) to go through some editing of the upcoming Tennis Biomechanics Manual.

With the bank holiday Monday coming up, I’ll be going back to Oxford for two days to hang out with Paul Chek and the students on the course for a few days to relax and absorb some knowledge bombs. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear Paul Chek speak I always learn something new!

Until next time…