Happy New Year to you!

I thought I would share with you what I have been up to since I finished work on the 17th December,  what I have learned since then and how I have visualised and planned my year ahead.

When I finished work for the year on 17th December I have to admit I was exhausted. 2014 was a great year for me with a growing client list and a busy teaching and presenting schedule which includes a lot of travel.

So when I woke on 18th December I planned to spend the next 2 and half weeks totally relaxing and getting as much sleep as possible.

Apart from a few days spent with family I spent most of my time off lounging on the sofa, reading and watching TV and movies.

However, after around 12 days, I began to feel even more tired and also very bored. I did do 2 or 3 light workouts at home just to keep me ticking over, but I was feeling very sluggish.

Single Hand Backhand 1 - Set UpSo by the 30th December, I really had ants in my pants and need to get up and do something. I felt like I needed to get up and run around, so a game of tennis was very tempting although the weather was pretty cold!

So on 31st December, I decided I would not lie in, instead I would get up at my usual early time and workout first thing. I did the same each day including 4th January when I got up and played tennis indoors. It felt so great to be running around and getting sweaty!!!

As soon as I started working out again, my energy increased and I started to feel more alert and energised. Basically, I had over-done the rest!

During the last few days before I went back to work I did review what I wanted to achieve this year and more importantly just highlight what I want to do with my spare time. I decided I will spend my spare time:

Playing more tennis than I did last year (any weekend where I am not working)
Working out (Every weekday morning at 7am)
DJing (every other weekend at least)
Playing the Bongos (whilst DJing)
Playing my native American Drum (at least every other weekend)
Meditating (I have scheduled 9pm every evening)
Socialising (going for meals, cinema occasional party or club etc)
Receiving a full body deep tissue massage weekly
Reading/Studying ((Audio book) on the way into work every day, 1 hour every Thursday and 2 hours on Saturday morning)

One of the ways I am planning to do this better than last year is to always take Monday’s off when I have worked the weekend. This didn’t always happen in 2014. But the days off are already in my diary for this year.

So I learned how important it is to include movement even when you need to rest. To manage my diary better especially when travelling to enable enough rest. How valuable it is to review what is really important to you. To make sure you schedule to do those things so you don’t end up doing things that don’t make you happy and then end up moaning about life most of the time!

How are you going to make sure you spend 2015 doing the things that you really want to do?

Until next time…