The last few weeks have been extremely busy.

Two weeks ago I flew to Copenhagen to teach two workshops for CHEK Europe at Fitnessdk in Nygardsvej. I taught two workshops, ‘Program Design’ and ‘Scientific Core Conditioning’. I had a class of 22 very keen personal trainers and it was an enjoyable, yet information packed three days. We also have a CHEK Exercise Coach class scheduled there for 30th September 2015.


As you’ll see from the photos below, I also got a little time to see a bit of a cold and very wet Copenhagen. I’m also looking forward to returning to Copenhagen this year to present at The Inspire Convention as I did last year.

IMG_1015 IMG_1018

From Copenhagen, I went straight to CHEK Europe in Lancashire via London to attend CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 course. I originally took the class 10 years ago, but it has been recently changed and updated by Paul Chek and Angie Lustrick.

I am a firm believer in re-taking courses as we all tend to learn in layers and each time you re-take a course, you learn the information at a deeper level. As well as refreshing my memory, there were some great new additions to the course. The course now includes a new coaching model with new tools to help coach our clients through the challenges of lifestyle change.

HLC2 Class Feb 2015Angie Lustrick who was teaching the class solo for the first time did an amazing job and many of the students were healing themselves in front of my eyes during the class.

A number of variations of tai chi were taught during the five days and it was an interesting experience doing tai chi bare foot in temperatures close to freezing on wet grass. It’s amazing even in those cold temperatures how great an effect tai chi can have on you (once your feet are no longer numb from the cold).

IMG_1042 IMG_1044 IMG_1045During the week in Lancashire I managed to get some good workouts done and a couple of sessions in the infra red sauna at CHEK Europe. I must thank Angie Lustrick for letting me share her cottage and cooking some great meals for me too!!!

Getting away from London also allowed me to step back and plan how this course will change the way I work with my clients and I now have some clear plans to implement before April to improve our service delivery at BodyCHEK.

I’m now back in London working with clients and gearing up for more travelling next week in San Diego and New York.

For an update on my USA trip, stay tuned…