Are you worried about contracting COVID-19?

You are? How worried should you really be? Well, one way of assessing your level of risk would be to look at the scientific data.

The table below produced by Birmingham Health Partners, tabulate co-morbidities from different studies quite nicely.

In order of prevalence (averaged across the studies) they list:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Coronary Vascular Disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Cancer
  5. Cerebrovascular Disease
  6. Respiratory Disease
  7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  8. Kidney Disease
  9. Immunodeficiency 
  10. Obesity

They also suggest that for those admitted to Intensive Care Units in the UK: 

  • Age remains the biggest risk factor
  • 73% are male
  • 65% are classified as ‘White European’ and 35% as “Black/Asian/Mixed Ethnicity
  • Around 37% are obese

It also states, “Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease are showing as the most common risk factors for ICU admission”.

Smoking may not be a risk factor of catching SARS-COV2, but current smokers tended to have poorer outcomes than ex-smokers or never-smokers”.

So, what seems very clear, is that those adversely affected by SARS-COV2 are those who already have either an existing disease, carry out unhealthy lifestyle behaviours and/or are in the older population.

For those with any of those Risk Factors it would make sense to stay cautious and follow social distancing for now.

For healthy people, according the scientific data, it appears that the risk is less than being killed on the road or drowning. This doesn’t suggest we should act irresponsibly or interact with those who are at risk. But the data does seem to suggest that healthy people are an almost 0% level of risk. This should help to alleviate fear in some people.

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