As you may know, all along this so-called crisis, I have been suggesting that the virus is not as bad as is being made out.

The latest COVID-19 figures makes for an interesting read

NHS has officially declared their COVID figures (as of 10th June):

🔸️ Total of 1334 People have died in UK hospitals specifically with COVID without any pre-exisiting conditions, all the other people who have been included in the COVID figures had pre existing conditions (all conditions listed in pictures below).
Link below to check for yourself. Go to the Weekly report up to June 10th 2020.

In summary:

🔸️ Approximately 27,000 people in UK died in hospital that tested positive for a Coronavirus. Out of these around 25,000 had pre-existing health conditions.

🔹️ Out of the 27,000, circa 2,400 were under 60 years old.

🔸️ 14,762 were over 80 years old.

🔹️ 14,228 of these 80+ years olds that died after testing positive for a Coronavirus had pre-exisiting conditions.

🔸️️ 1,334 people died in hospitals in UK testing positive for a Coronavirus with no pre-existing health conditions.

🔹️ Only 294 of the deaths were people under the age of 60 without any pre-exisiting conditions died up to 10th June 2020 after testing positive for a Coronavirus…

🔸️ Only 34 of the deaths were people under the age of 40 without any pre-exisiting conditions died up to 10th June 2020 after testing positive for a Coronavirus.

You can use the link below to check this out for yourself. It is the actual NHS website.

This stuff is all hidden in plain sight for those that want to find it.
If you ever had any doubt about the figures on the Mainstream Media then hopefully this serves as proof for you.

Obviously any person dying from this is tragic. However, you can clearly see that there was another reason for shutting the country down other than this ‘virus’ which has now been said to rarely spread from surfaces and to be rarely spread from asymptomatic carriers.”

If you are one of those in the older age bracket or with existing morbidities, then taking care of all your lifestyle and nutritional choices (including specific supplementation) is crucial.

Please do feel free to share this far and wide with anyone you know that is still living in fear.

Here’s the link to The NHS website with the latest figures:

There has never been a better time in history to improve your health and wellbeing!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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