I just watched this video interview with Dr Zach Bush…

Click Here To Watch The Interview.

In the interview, he explains what viruses are and why they are crucial to our evolution and that they are not the bad guy nor our enemy. Viruses are communication signals that help update our DNA to support us in an ever changing environment.

He explains how viruses travel around the world regardless of airplane travel.

He explains that all mammals have been taking on the same virus, but the animals aren’t dying because they don’t have the man-made diseases we have.

He goes on to explain that deaths are being caused by chemical toxicity in our food supply, pharmacueticals and air pollution via histo-toxic-hypoxia for which there is a $10 three minute treatment which isn’t being used.

He explains that soil is the most important solution and as you know, I have been a supporter of organic soils for a long time and always advise the use organic foods for optimal health and performance.

He explains that face masks don’t work to stop coronavirus spread and probably make spreading viruses more likely.

He also goes on to explain why this is all happening at a much deeper, psychological/spiritual level which is interesting.

There has never been a better time in history to improve your health and wellbeing!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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