Patented pharmaceuticals are extremely profitable for the company that has the patent as they have a long term Monopoly on that drug and can charge what they want.

‘Out of patent’ pharmaceuticals are subject to competition and therefore the price and profit margins drops significantly. 

The known effective early treatment for COVID-19 is ‘out of patent’ and costs around $10-20, so has a relatively small profit margin.

A patented Coronavirus v@ccine is likely to cost $250-450 (I’ve seen various prices given) and won’t be properly tested for safety or efficiency (like all v@ccines).

Natural ingredients like healthy food, clean air, clean water, exercise and sleep that strengthen your immune system cannot be patented is they are ‘natural’.

Is this why we cheap solutions like Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc (out of patent) are being hushed up and ridiculed by governments and mainstream media despite their overwhelming clinical success?

Is this why we’re not hearing about natural ways to strengthen your immune system, like having positive thoughts, stress reduction techniques, breathing correctly, proper hydration, proper nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep?

Is this why according to investors (self pronounced health experts like Bill Gastes) in v@ccine companies suggest the world can’t go back to normal until a v@ccine is produced even though it’s highly likely it won’t work and will be unsafe (like all v@ccines)?