Last week I was delighted to be asked by the Small Business and Holistic Health Podcast Team, Jill & Dan to be interviewed for an episode on their podcast.

Jill and Dan were inspired to interview me from my teachings with the CHEK Institute and after reading my free ebook Ebook ‘The Corona Virus Survival Guide: The Secrets And Power Of The Human Immune System’ 

During the show we go deep into the issues and concerns regarding Covid 19, and what it means for the future.

This one is a rollercoaster, so strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride!

3:11  – How Leigh became a Chek Faculty Member

6:18 –  Crazy 2020

8:28 –  Never in human history have we quarantined healthy people

13:04 – Leigh’s Research

14:23 – Leigh’s Book – see above link

16:43 – Seeing beyond what’s been told

17:58 – Testing for what?

23:22 – Focus on health or on disease

27:00 – Why prevent debate?

30:44 – Is this a good or bad thing for the health industry?

34:09 – Fertile soil

37:15 – How can small business adapt

39:14 – Creating confusion

44:25 – Statins and statistics

45:47 – Where will be be in 12 months time

51:29 – Believe in choice

51:29 – What can we do to protect ourselves

54:49 – Don’t believe anything

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