You might be starting to question to logic and intelligence of our law makers with all these confusing rules, regulations and restrictions on our movement and freedoms.

You may be wondering what to believe, who to believe and who might be bending the truth.

Well, I read a great BRAND NEW book yesterday by 2 very well respected German Doctors. They explain the science very clearly and it is very easy to read and understand.

They invite other professionals to question anything in the book they disagree with (unlike the Politicians who want us to blindly believe everything they say, even though little of it makes any sense).

I ask/plead/urge everyone who speaks English to read this book. The science is as clear as can be on this subject. It is clear that the government decisions are NOT being made based on the available science. It is crucial that we all understand the science so we can make informed decisions.

After all, you can’t make an informed decision unless you fully understand all aspects of a situation.

The book is currently available from

Being armed with the real science (there’s over 240 scientific citations in the book) could mean the difference between living and dying. I hope you decide to see what science is telling us, and what prominent Doctors are making of the science, so that we can make the best decisions moving forward for all of humanity. 🙏