There have been so many experts giving their views over the last year, but there are also many different views, apart from the mainstream narrative being peddled by media and government, which is clearly not based on science.

I have research hundreds of hours to try to ascertain the truth and have listened and read the work of many experts and frontline doctors.

So many professionals who I respect have slightly different opinions to each other, so I keep my mind open to the truth alongside the facts that have been disproven.

In this video presentation by Zach Bush, he goes deeper and explains the Virome in more detail than any expert I have heard speak.

If he is correct, it clearly undermines the ‘mainstream’ view and the governmental policies that we have been subjected to as unnecessary and deceitful.

I urge you to watch this entire presentation by the amazing Dr Zach Bush MD to help you build a bigger picture of what might really be going on and what we need to do as a species to avoid our extinction.