In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast, I spoke with the my former colleague at The CHEK Institute, Jator Pierre and we had a deep dive into the concept of Healthy Masculinity!

It was a very deep and enlightening interview…

We discussed:

Where does teenage male behaviour come from?

Male/Female Power Dynamic

Masculinity Is A Quality Not A Gender

Does Masculinity Affect Health?

Is Masculinity Under Attack?

Shaming of Masculinity

Have Governments Displayed Toxic Masculinity?

Margaret Thatcher’s Masculine Energy

We Need A Lot More Feminine Energy In People In Power

What Can We Do To Optimise Healthy Masculinity

Looking for Role Models

Jator is offerring a free Masterclass on Instinct & Intuition, which you can find @
www. ExploreWithJator.Com/intuition. And there you can sign up for a video, audio and a PDF.

You also can find Jator:
Instagram @jatorpierre
Facebook @jatorpierre

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