In this week’s edition of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast, Bob Depasquale, The Generosity Guy goes deep into how his story of giving back started when he was a young college football player in New York who was diagnosed with testicular cancer the day before he saw 2 airplanes plunge into the Twin Towers of The World Trade Centre Buildings.

Bob explains how an amazing act of generosity the day before 9/11 sparked him on a journey of recovery and radical generosity.

Bob also explains why generosity is important and how it improves your health and wellbeing.

We discussed:

  • Bob’s (Cancer) Story
  • Personal Finance In A Public World
  • How To Model Giving Back
  • A Giving Mindset Improves Your Health & Wellness
  • Get Involved In Good Causes
  • Modern Philanthropy
  • The Financial Future

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