Get ready to live in the United Republic of the World Health Organization because global governments are still ready to sign the WHO’s Pandemic Preparedness Treaty. The WHO is still drafting its pandemic preparedness treaty but in so doing, they had to also re-draft their International Health Regulations. They give themselves all manner of powers including making sure that their powers over governments are binding and that governments have no say about whether or not they are actually in a pandemic. See the video by ‘Redacted’ below…

THIS ISN’T A CONSPIRACY THEORY!!! This is in black and white!!!

This is currently going ahead and has the support of all the major WHO members nations. They are in favour of giving away all our rights. I wrote to my own MP, who is in total denial of what is happening (or complicit in the coup) and will be voting to go ahead with this plan. Suffice to say, I have sent a follow up email to my MP and I urge you to do the same if you are not wanting to be governed by power hungry, non-elected, unaccountable, psychopathic, technocrats. The powers the WHO are obtaining for themselves include the ability to lock us down and inject us with whatever they want and legally, there will be nothing you can do about it.

Please do not wait for this to happen. Please be proactive and ensure your MP is aware of your feelings towards this global takeover and final nail in the coffin of accountability, privacy, bodily autonomy, freedom of choice, freedom of movement and democracy.