In this episode, I invited Nazarin Veronica to discuss her experience of the last 3 years and her fight for freedom, truth and bodily autonomy.

Having watched a number of Nazarin’s online videos and TV appearances, I just had to get her on the show as she is such an inspiration to people, both young and old. I can say for sure if there were more people as wide-eyed, brave and morally sound as Nazarin, the world would not be in the mess that it is.

We discussed Nazarin’s appearance on the BBC Documentary, called “Unvaccinated”. As you will see, Nazarin is an intelligent, courageous, no nonsense young women who stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t allow herself to be bullied by authority figures, nor influenced by untruthful propaganda.

We discussed:

  • Nazarin’s Journey into Activism
  • Nazarin’s expectations before going on BBC’s “Unvaccinated” documentary
  • Why Nazarin chose not to be jabbed
  • Information in the documentary Nazarin found most frustrating
  • BBC’s agenda for the documentary
  • Standing up to medical professional bullies

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