In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast entitled, “Overcoming Gas, Bloating and Acid Reflux“,  I really wanted to get to the bottom of some common gut intestinal issues, such as gas, bloating and acid reflux, so I invited co-owner of BiOptimizers a former natural bodybuilding champion Wade Lightheart to take a deep dive into the subject of gut health.

We discussed:

  • Wade’s Journey
  • Cause of common gut issues
  • Choosing high quality digestive enzymes, HCl and probiotics
  • Detoxing the body
  • Efficiency of digestion on muscle growth and metabolism
  • Why we can’t get all the necessary nutrients just from food alone
  • The Gut-Brain connection
  • The future of Biohacking, Health, Aesthetics and Performance.

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