In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast entitled “Healthy Cancer Comeback“, I share the amazing, inspirational story of fitness expert, Fitz Koehler.

Fitz shares her story of how she overcame breast cancer, including the story of how she successfully got through 15-months of torturous treatment with the aid of exercise, nutrition, a positive mindset, a great outlook on life and seeking joy.

We also had an interesting debate over red meat and whether the science supports the claim that red meat consumption causes cancer. Suffice to say, we respectfully agreed to disagree like adults on that subject.

I really hope you enjoy this episode and take inspiration from it.

We discussed:

  • Fitz’s story and biggest health challenge
  • The most important things cancer patients need to know
  • How exercise and nutrition affect your cancer recovery
  • The Cancer Comeback Series
  • Fitz’s Top 3 Tips

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