This week, several reports have emerged that the doctors on our TV screens promoting the 100% ‘Safe & Effective’ experimental product produced at the ‘speed of science’ have received rather large financial payments from the manufacturers of these products.

Is it possible (or ethical) that these doctors would give impartial advice whilst being paid by the very companies who stand to benefit from huge profits from the sales of the products these doctors were promoting as 100% ‘Safe & Effective’.

In the same week, it has been announced that the Astra Zeneca injectable has been withdrawn from worldwide distribution after a court heard it can cause serious side effects. The official reason given for the withdrawal was due to ‘commercial reasons’. Believe that if you wish.

Two such reports on the funding of TV doctors was produced by JJ Starky (Stark Naked Brief Substack) and Paul Weston (Youtube) (below).

Even though I was trying to warn people in 2020 and 2021 as to what was really going on (and it has been difficult hearing of friends and former colleagues dying suddenly in the last few years), it is better late than never that these shills are being exposed for what they are.

Sadly, I fear there will be no justice served on these TV doctors (one of which has strangely and without fanfare been removed from the GMC register this week) or indeed the TV networks and Ofcom.

My hope is that people will begin to realise these TV networks, Ofcom and the bought and paid for doctors do not have our best interests at heart, in fact, quite the opposite.

The doctors knew what they were saying wasn’t true and they knew it would lead to serious harm and fatalities.

Their only interest appears to be in their bank balance, even if it means large numbers of people will be injured and killed.