I haven’t managed to blog for a few weeks now, but I have had an extremely busy December so far.
On 30th November and 1st December I was teaching the CHEK Academy Year 2 Anatomy & Physiology Workshop at The CHEK Europe HQ in Lancashire. It was a really fun weekend. Teaching and learning anatomy can be boring, so I made the whole weekend very interactive and split the groups into four teams who had to compete to win points for their team. By the end of the second day, all four teams were very closely matched.

I then had 2 days off, which turned out to be busy working days writing client programmes and catching up on administrative duties. Since Leanne, my PA left in August, I’ve been having to work longer hours to keep on top of things, but had slowly started to get behind.
Then, from 4th-8th December I was teaching CHEK Exercise Coach at CHEK Europe HQ. It was a great course with a great bunch of students from England, Wales, Belgium, Norway, Germany and Italy.
On the night of 7th December, we also had The CHEK Europe christmas party at The Baku Lounge. We had a really nice meal, followed by some entertainment by one of London’s best DJs 😉

Since being back from Lancashire, I have continued to catch up on the many emails I received whilst I was away, seeing clients at The Albany Club and continuing with a course I am currently doing, which is taking about two hours of every day.

Later this week I am interviewing a prospective new PA as I hope to fill the position in time for the new year as I have a very busy 2014 already lined up.