What I am about to say might upset some people and that is not my intention.

Some people might feel I am attacking them in this post and that is not my intention either. What I am passionate about is the truth with regards to health and vitality and the public having the knowledge to make their own informed decisions when it comes to their health.

I was asked by some of my colleagues if I would be taking part in Movember. When I said no, I was strongly encouraged to take part, even after explaining my reasons as to why I don’t believe in the campaign and didn’t want to support it.

I truly believe that every man (or woman) who is taking part in Movember means well and only has the best intentions at heart.

However, I believe that they are doing more harm than good by supporting the cause.

The reasons I believe they are doing more harm are as follows:

  1. Early detection of most cancers does not equal a better outcome for the individual and this has never been proven (even though this is what we are constantly told).
  2. If you are found to have cancer the only options you will be given by the well-meaning medical professionals are chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.
  3. A study by the Department of Radiation Oncology, at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney Australia, who studied all randomized clinical trials reporting cancer 5-year survival and attributing this to chemotherapy.  Their conclusions stated, “The overall contribution of a curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3 per cent in Australia and 2.1 per cent in the USA’. (Clin Oncol [R Coll Radiol], 2004; 16 (8): 549-60).  This suggests that around 98% of people who have chemotherapy die within five years.
  4. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are carcinogenic and are known to cause secondary cancers and shorten life span and quality of life.
  5. Biopsies and surgery are also known to spread cancer in the body.
  6. By increasing awareness of a disease, you give it more energy. Everything in the universe is energy. The universal law of attraction states that, “Like attracts like”. This means the more energy you give to a disease the more common it will be.

The medical treatment of cancer is worth $15billion per year and is forecast to be worth $35billion per year by 2018. Unfortunately, the medical community has been somehow persuaded by those who benefit from this lucrative industry that the chemotherapy/radiotherapy/surgery approach is the best and only solution.

The truth is that there are many natural and more effective approaches to cancer including and not limited to:

  • A sugar-free diet
  • Vegetable juicing
  • A 100% organic diet (correct for your metabolic type®)
  • Detox procedures including daily coffee enemas and infra-red saunas
  • Daily Exercise
  • Acid/alkaline balance
  • Mega-Enzyme therapy

The interesting fact is that the medical professionals never suggests to their patients that these therapies are available and in most instances more effective, not to mention much safer.

I certainly do not blame medical professionals for not having or believing this common knowledge. What I do blame is the system they are educated in and the system they work within that punishes them for thinking outside the box or even believing anything that was not part of their university education.

Unfortunately, this system is there to support the multi-billion dollar industry and not the hard-working people who work within it who are doing their best to help their stricken patients. No wonder the UK Movember website suggests, “Growing Moustaches is Our Business and Business is Good!