Just in case you are not aware,

I am shortly about to launch my very own podcast. Something I have been planning to do for some years.

It will be called The Radical Health Rebel (for reasons I will explain in episode 1, which will be available in August).


The Radical Health Rebel Podcast will bring weekly discussions and interviews on all things health and wellness, whether it is nutrition, exercise, functional medicine, gut health, spirituality, mindfulness, psychology, politics and more. All the information will be broken down and made easy to understand and implement for all health enthusiasts and those seeking to overcome a specific health challenge. The podcast will challenge the mainstream narrative on health and go beyond the veil of deception to bring you the very best in health and wellness advice and expertise his guests (and solo episodes) who include some of the world’s very best! Each week,

I will introduce you to my expert guests, enable you to get to know them, and learn from them to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. No subject is off limits as long as it is interesting, exciting and will help you achieve optimal health, wellness and happiness.

Launch will be August, but the exact date is yet to be finalised.

The podcast will be on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, plus there will be bite-size clips on the Radical Health YouTube Channel and If you prefer to watch your podcasts, you will be able to watch on The Radical Health Rebel Patreon Channel, where there will be no interruptions from adverts and sponsors, as well as being able to play an active role in the podcast and join The Radical Health Rebel Community.

I can’t wait to finally launch the podcast and I will let you know the exact launch date as soon as it is announced.