In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast, I spoke with the amazing Colombian Bombshell, Ximy Gonzalez and she highlights how to overcome your Instinct Injury and Step into your power and the benefits of doing so!

It was a very powerful interview…

We discussed:

The Context of Power & The Illusion of Control

Power and Self Respect

How Was Our Relationship To Power Established?

What Steps Can One Take To Reclaim Their Power?

Why Politician’s Impose Their Perceived Power on Others

The Vampires and The Blood Donors

Why Do We Blindsight Ourselves?

The Compliant-Defiant Relationship

Ancestral Culture

Key Tips To Regain Your Power

You can find Ximy @:
Instagram @Bombshellformula
Facebook Bombshell Formula

Ximy would like to give you FREE access to POWER, Module 1 of the SEVEN body basics program. You can claim using this link >

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