I had a heard a few experts talk about the level of risk of the under 65’s living in the UK, so I thought I would do some research of my own.

I found some data from the Office of National Statistics that I found interesting…

The data from England in April suggests that the under 60’s have practically 0 risk (or very tiny fraction with many decimal places of risk) whereas those really at risk are those over 60 years old.

There is clear data on which pre-existing conditions lead to complications of COVID-19…
Dementia and Alzheimer’s being the most common in England.

It makes me wonder how difficult it is for us as a community to help protect those clearly in danger and what those of us who are not in danger should be doing to help?

I doubt whether us staying home, not interacting, not working and wearing face masks (that reduce immune function and do not shield us from viruses) and not contributing to the economy is the best approach.

The ONS data suggests children are not at risk of going to school and unless their teachers are elderly or are suffering from any of the known pre-existing conditions, neither are the teachers.

Does it make you wonder why all these draconian measures are still in place? Does it not make you wonder why there is so much fear amongst those not at risk? Why is this not being explained on the main stream media?

Are there better, more sensible, less draconian measures we could employ? Possibly the measures I suggested just before UK lockdown in March perhaps?