The subject of nutrition is possibly one of the most debated areas of health outside of the medical establishment (Nutrition is taught anywhere from 0-4 hours in most 5-7 year medical degrees). 

There are literally thousands of books written on nutrition and most contradict each other. The main reason for the contradictions is because we are all different and require different nutrients.  

There are some great books on this that I listed in the Resources Section of my free book, “The Coronavirus Survial Guide“.  I could write my own book on the subject of nutrition, but I wanted to keep this section in the book as brief as possible and give you the important information to take away. 

I will speak briefly about individualising your diet. However, I do recommend you read further or seek guidance from a clinician like myself to help you make the correct changes if you get stuck.  

My experience of working with hundreds of clients has shown me over the years, that when someone gets their nutrition right, literally miracles can happen. I’ve had clients approach me with so-called irreversible conditions, yet, once I’ve taught them optimal nutrition and lifestyle habits, their conditions disappear within a few weeks to a few months (sometime longer for more serious conditioning) of dedication to the advice. 

A list of conditions I have helped people with that their Doctor either didn’t know how to help or said it was impossible to heal includes: 





Fungal and Parasite infections 

Hashimoto’s Disease 

Crohn’s Disease 


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 




The list goes on and on. Now, I’m not telling you because I want a round of applause. I am telling you because I see every day the power that good nutrition has to restore health and prevents some people having to resort to medication and surgery. 

I also see in my clients, my colleagues and myself, that are very rarely if ever unwell. People all around us get flus and colds and we don’t. Why? Because we have made the decision to build health within us and thereby build a strong immune system. 

There has never been a better time in history to improve your health and wellbeing!!! 🙏🙏🙏