Quite simply, to build health, you need to nourish your body with highly nutrient dense, toxic-free foods. 

And how do you do that? 

You consume as much of your diet as is possible from organic and/or biodynamic sources. The only exception is fish, which should be ‘wild’ and never ‘farmed’, including organic farmed fish. 


Organic meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds, and wild fish 

Avoid foods your immune system is sensitive to. 

When you eat any food that you are sensitive to, your immune system thinks it is an invader and attacks it. As the food particles are not alive, your immune cells continue attacking and that creates collateral damage in your gut. Damage to the gut lining, where 70% of the immune system is situated, leaves your body more open to attack and less able to digest and assimilate vital nutrients. 

The other downside to a food sensitivity is that if you have immune cells attacking food particles, they are potentially being distracted from a real invader that may go unchallenged. 

One way to try to prevent food sensitivities is to rotate foods, so that if you a certain food on a particular day, it should not be eaten for another 4 days.  

This gives the immune system a chance to unsensitive itself from that food. If you can, I’d recommend working with a skilled and experienced clinician in this area if you can. 

I just wish to also add this here, as I feel it is crucial to know. When you eat meats and fish that have been injected with antibiotics, the antibiotics are still active when you eat them. 70% of all antibiotics sold are for farm animal use.  

So, unless you are eating organic meats and wild fish, you will be consuming antibiotics on a regular basis. Why is this important to understand?  

Well, most of our immune system is in our gut. Our gut is full of trillions of microbes that form an essential part of our immune system. When we consume anti-biotics, we kill the good and the bad microbes, causing what is known as dysbiosis. A dysbiosis will upset the normal function of your immune system.  

I will speak briefly about individualising your diet. However, I do recommend you read further or seek guidance from a clinician like myself to help you make the correct changes if you get stuck.  

There has never been a better time in history to improve your health and wellbeing!!! 🙏🙏🙏