In this blog, I would like to share some data and real world experience on how successful some treatments have been, how successful the experimental injections have been and the adverse effects of the injections that are beginning to be seen in huge numbers around the world.

It its worth being aware of the reality of the situation (rather than believing what is being portrayed by the mainstream media) before making a decision that could be life changing or life ending as well potentially removing the freedoms of innocent people around the world.

Firstly, the website shares 13 separate sources of evidence revealing the effectiveness of a number of treatment protocols for the current Coronavirus that most authorities are preventing and banning the use of.

This website shares many stories over a number of pages of people who have been either severely injured or died very soon after receiving one of the experimental injections.

This website again, shares a number of video stories of people’s own experience of either themselves or loved ones being severely injured or dying shortly after having an experimental injection.

This website goes deep into the data and shares a lot of the official numbers around deaths from the virus, the efficacy of the injections and the numbers injured or dying following the experimental injection.

It its really important that we search beyond what we are being fed by the mainstream media and understand the reality of the situation we are in.