It is that time of year where we tend to look at our health and set goals for the year.

bigstock-Fitness-couple-in-the-gym-riv-12190622You might be thinking that you would like to reduce your body fat levels and are wondering what is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, many people believe that they need to do lots of running and cycling, or spend hours on the X-Trainer to lose weight and do hundreds of crunches to reduce their waist size. The good news is that this is not true.

Having worked in the health & fitness industry for 18 years, it is clear that the number one type of exercise for fat loss is resistance training (weight training). Now, many ladies believe that if they lift weights, they’ll turn into a muscle-bound body builder type.

The only way a female can look like a bodybuilder is if they lift weights and take anabolic steroids.

bigstock-Gym-man-and-woman-push-up-stre-40734724The reason lifting weights is so good for fat loss is because it builds muscle mass. Muscle is biologically active and therefore requires energy, so raises your metabolic rate. So with more muscle mass, you use more calories all day long.

This is very different from doing an hour of cardio training, which will break down muscle tissue and whilst you’ll use calories whilst you’re doing it, your metabolic rate goes back to normal soon after. If you do a lot of cardio training, your muscle mass will begin to reduce along with your metabolic rate. This means you’ll use less calories each day.

So if you’re looking to lose some body fat and get in shape this year, you’ll benefit from performing a resistance training workout three times per week with some high intensity cardio two-three times per week.

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