In my last post, I began discussing what’s best to eat to lose weight and the fact that we are all different and therefore have different nutritional requirements.

So how do I answer the question to my clients?

Well, I following a few simple steps with my clients here in Regent’s Park:

  • MT Results Screen ShotWe find out their metabolic type┬« using a questionnaire. This gives us a starting point for that person highlighting the right foods and the wrong foods for them. It is indicates a starting point in terms of how much of their meals should come from fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • We next fine tune the ratios of fats, proteins and carbs until we get it completely ‘dialled in’ for that person. We do that using check sheets that the client completes 1-2 hours after each meal.
  • It is always optimal to find out which foods you are sensitive to and running a test to find out is the way to go.
  • HTMA Toxic ElementsI get my clients to have a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which highlights the body’s level of minerals, mineral ratios, toxic metals and toxic metal ratios. This can be a great insight into what might be causing your body to be out of balance and therefore, overweight. It can also highlight what supplements would be appropriate for you.

In addition to diet, you also need to look at the way you think, the way you breathe, what you drink and how much, what kind of exercise and how frequently and how and when you sleep, relax and recover. I’ll save these for future blog posts.

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Until next time…