OK, so what’s been happening since the last blog in September.

Well, quite a lot!

I managed to have a couple of weekends off, went hiking in the South Downs and generally relaxed. With regards to BodyCHEK, I’ve delivered a number of assessments on clients and designed new programmes. I’ve also delivered a number of Active Release Technique® treatments and a high number of nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions. Pater and Hanan have continued to deliver high quality training sessions to our clients.

I also delivered a 2 day workshop, “CHEK Exercise Coach Pre-Requisite Review” at CHEK Europe in Lancashire. This is a workshop delivered to year 1 CHEK Academy students in preparation for the CHEK Exercise Coach Advanced Training Programme.

CHEK EC Oct 2014I also delivered CHEK Exercise Coach at The Albany Club in London to a great bunch of students.

The following weekend, I had a weekend off, so I was back on a plane up to Glasgow to attend the wedding of a very good friend of mine. It is was a great wedding and a great weekend, even though it was a little tiring.CHEK EC Oct 2014(1)

I have also been confirmed as a presenter at The ECA Convention in New York in March next year in addition to teaching the CHEK Tennis Conditioning Series course in San Diego next summer.

Until next time…