The last couple of weeks have been a very busy time.

Two weeks ago I taught CHEK Exercise Coach to the Year 1 CHEK Academy Students at The Albany Club in London.

It’s always an extra pleasure to teach the Academy students as they go through extra training before the course which makes it easier to teach what are very complex concepts in just 5 days. CHEK Exercise Coach is an intense course as there is so much content and much to practise.


The students (as always) did a great job, worked hard and by the final two days started to see it all coming together. Well done guys!!!

I then had two days off to completely relax as teaching for 5 full days straight is pretty exhausting. Then on Wednesday last week I travelled on Eurostar to Gent in Belgium for The Get Together Conference.

On Thursday I presented a Pre-Conference – CHEK Experience Day at a museum in Gent which apparently houses the most expensive paintings in Europe. We had 45 students who we gave a quick-stop tour of our 5-year training programme, what we do and how we help people. Here’s a shot of the room just before we kicked off.

GTC 2015 CHEK Experience Day

The day went really well and we managed to wet the appetite of some of the participants who wanted to see more during the conference proper.

On Friday, the Get Together Conference started in earnest at a Fitness Centre in Gent. I presented three 90-minute presentations on “Critical Program Design Strategies”, “Helping Clients with Fungal and Parasite Infections” and “A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Knee Pain”. Below you can see me Presenting “Critical Program Design Strategies” to a full room.

GTC 2015 Class Photo

It was also good to see some CHEK Trained professionals from Belgium, some I have taught myself and others I had not met before. The picture below shows me and some of the current crop of CHEK Trained professionals in Belgium.

GTC 2015 CHEK Students

At the end of the day, we had a dinner and a Functional Training Debate and I was a member of the debate panel. Also in the panel (below from left to right) were Eberhard Scholmmer, Anthony Carey, Derek Price, Matthew Truscott and Max Icardi.

GTC Debate


We discussed some particular questions, some current Functional Training views on social media by some experts and non-experts alike and finally fielded questions from the audience. It was really good fun and the other panellists were great. It was good debate without all the ego, chest beating and peacock feathers.

On the final day I presented 3 more lectures on “Fabulous Functional Core”, “Hormones: A Critical Link To Health Performance & Consciousness” and “The Essentials of Functional Shoulder Training”. Again, we had full rooms even right up to the last session late on Saturday evening. We had a great time and it was a very well organised event, so well done to organisers. We know it’s going to be even bigger and better next year!!!