CHEK Europe IMS Instructor, Leigh Brandon, is our featured presenter this month. Join us for insight on this timely topic!

In this webinar, Leigh will explain the immune system, its constituent parts and how it works, and also describe the microbiome and how it plays a crucial role in our immune systems. He’ll discuss Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory and how that impacts on the current pandemic, and the suggested solutions. He’ll also cover the best ways to strengthen our immune system.

The Human Immune System: Our Greatest Defence

Presented by CHEK Institute Faculty Member, Leigh Brandon

Date: Wednesday, June 24th
Time: 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET, 20:00 in the UK, 21:00 in Western Europe, 5:00 AM AET (25th June), 7:00 AM in NZ (25th June).

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