In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast, I interviewed Jerry Kuykendall on how he went from being sick and obese to a role of fitness in the fitness industry.

Jerry Kuykendall grew up sick and obese, had GERD, depression, and anxiety from elementary school.

His mother left at age 7, his father was an alcoholic, so he grew up rather unsupervised. Seen his mum twice since age 7, so has no idea if she is dead or alive.

Jerry got into drugs and alcohol and chose a career for money and security and was miserable. Jerry has turned his life around and is now 5 years free of booze and is a CHEK Practitioner helping others turn their life around, just as he did. In this episode, Jerry explains exactly how he turned his life around.

In this episode, we discussed:

Jerry’s background & challenges

Jerry’s relationship with fitness

Love & Acceptance of Self

When Enough is Enough

Jerry’s start with Exercise

Jerry Yo-Yo With Weight Gain & Loss

When Exercising More Is A Bad Thing

Seeking Acceptance & Love

Eating the Right Diet

Eating to Fulfil an Emotional Void

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Text message from Your Soul

Jerry’s Advice to Others

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