THE WHO Treaty – The Greatest Threat to Democracy and the Western World?

I have taken the time out of my busy day to share this information with you because of it’s importance, urgency and potentially dire consequences should it be approved and I doubt this is being discussed by the mainstream media.

I urge you to listen to one of the presentations (link below) concering the proposed World Health Organisation Treaty, which I believe is the greatest threat to democracy, freedom, privacy, bodily autonomy and western civilisation since the 1940’s.

Here is the video of MP Andrew Bridgen discussing the consequences we face should they be approved by our governments. Click here to watch.

The only way to stop this is to let your MP know what your thoughts are, so I invite you to contact your MP letting them know your thoughts.

Each and every one of us need to act and not rely on others to do it for them. Numbers truly do count!

We often say that we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone. I hope we won’t be appreciating the freedom and privacy we had once it has gone forever.

Have a great day!