This week, the extremely brave Dr Aseem Malhotra appeared on the world’s biggest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience to share his view of the medical / pharmaceutical cartel and their regulators.

Dr Malhotra explains very clearly and concisely the level of corruption and wrong doing by the medical / pharmaceutical industry.

This is something I have been trying to educate people about for well over a decade, but Dr Malhotra explains it so clearly and concisely in just one interview.

Whilst Dr Malhotra was pretty ignorant, like most doctors (to all that I was attempting to make people aware of) until 2020, he was however able to see the truth through the events of the last few years and that his previous paradigm was a false one.

From the beginning of 2020, I worked tirelessly to try to alert as many people as possible as to what Dr Malhotra so clearly describes in this interview. I was merely attempting to invite people to do their own research and not blindly believe in someone because they were in a position of power (politician, journalist, doctor, scientist, teacher). I was encouraging people to make a truly informed choice, and suggesting not making a choice based on what an authority figure was telling you and coercing you to make.

I highly recommend every English-speaking person on the planet watches this interview. It might just save someone’s life!!!

Just click below to watch or listen to the interview.