In this week’s episode of The RHR Podcast, entitled “Lose the Booze”, I spoke with Sober Coach Teri Paterson about how people can reduce their intake or take a break from alcohol to improve their health and so many areas of their life.

According to the UK’s NHS, alcohol consumption has been linked to high blood pressure, strokes, pancreatitis. liver disease, liver cancer, mouth cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer, depression, dementia, impotence, infertility, memory problems as well as implications such as family break-up and divorce, domestic abuse, unemployment, homelessness, and financial problems.

So, this is a very important and potentially life-saving discussion with Sober Coach Teri Paterson.

We discussed:

  • Teri’s Journey
  • Denial & Addiction
  • The causes of excessive drinking
  • Reasons people eat more sugar when taking a break from alcohol
  • Alcohol health myths
  • Managing alcohol cravings
  • Behaviour Comes Last
  • The body’s reactions to giving up alcohol
  • Teri’s Top 3 Tips to taking a break from alcohol.

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