In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel podcast entitled “Repressed Emotions and Physical Pain“, I spoke with Antonia G.

Antonia spent 20 years getting university degrees and trying to ‘save the world’ in careers such as international development and community health. In 2006 she experienced a dramatic, spontaneous shift in realities that challenged everything she knew of the world and herself.

For the next 16 years she experienced an explosion of energy, eventually understanding she was in an accelerated awakening. She has spent nearly every day since then releasing emotional, physical, and energetic pain and letting go of what she thought defined a worthy life.

As the suffering released, she accessed a higher truth about the purpose of pain: that it feeds our evolution, that it teaches us to love, but only if we see it.

We discussed:

  • Antonia’s Journey
  • The Relationship Between Emotional & Physical Pain
  • The Common Stories of Pain
  • To see Pain is Awareness
  • How We Resist Our Own Healing
  • Don’t Believe Your Pain Story
  • Antonia’s Top 3 Tips

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