In this week’s Radical Health Rebel podcast entitled ““Silica-Rich Primary Water – A New Road to Health & Longevity”, I spoke with Michael Hobson about his journey from owning a vinyl record company to becoming involved in water and in particular silica water.

This was a really fascinating conversation about silica, and water and their importance to human, animal and plant health.

We also discussed the prevalence of aluminium toxicity today and the illnesses it can cause and how silica and especially silica water can play a role in its removal from the body.

We discussed:

  • Michael’s Journey
  • Silica & Why It’s Important
  • Now All Waters Are Created Equal
  • Programming Water
  • Amount of Water Needed Daily
  • Michael’s Top 3 Tips for Optimal Health
  • Why Bodily Silica Levels Drop With Age.

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